VAREKAMP-ART was founded in 2013, and is based in The Hague, The Netherlands. All paintings and objects are made by Michael Varekamp. 

MICHAEL VAREKAMP (1968, The Netherlands) was raised in Europe, with roots in Trinidad from his father, and Russian, French and Moroccan roots from his mothers’ side. As a visual artist he is self-educated.
Besides his self-education as an artist, Michael graduated cum laude at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, in jazz trumpet/music in 1997. 


The desire to be active as an artist outside the world of jazz music developed through the years, being inspired by working on cross-over projects with artists in other disciplines in the arts such as dancers, actors and visual artist. Michael’s interest in art is also inspired by his own complex heritage and like the (partly Dutch) Cobra tradition his work is filled with a rich imaginary world crowded with animals, children and all kind of figures, which are manifested in colorful paintings on objects, canvas, paper and wood.


There are as much overlaps as differences between the two art forms and this creative process is an interesting and inspiring challenge in Michael’s work as an artist and musician.

His career in music started at the age of ten, when he started playing the trumpet after hearing a record of Louis Armstrong. Since then, even long before graduating, he persued an international career which brought him all over the world. He performed in South Africa, Europe, Great Brittan, Australia, Israel, Malta, Cuba, Tunisia, Mali, Burkina Faso and continues to do so. He was honored in Japan with the Kobe Award and he won the prestigious Edison Award with the Afro European jazz ensemble FraFra Sound. So far, Michael is the only non American artist ever to participate in New Yorks’ Jazzmobile Inc. He travels regularly to New York City and performed in Birdland and Jazz at Lincoln Center.


His art is full of rhythm, energy and unexpected forms, which in soul refers to his background as a jazz musician.

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